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Using inland Clearance sites for Export Transit from 1st January 2021

HMRC issued the following guidance yesterday on their inland sites from the 1st January 2021 which is applicable to EU and Rest of World goods.
As I hope you are all aware the first stage of the export should be completed at the traders premises until the goods are given permission to progress (P2P).
Once P2P is granted you load the consignments and then send your vehicle to an inland clearance site to have the T-form activated, these sites will also authenticate ATA Carnets if you are using those.
If you are using The Port of Dover or Eurotunnel you will now need to use the Inland Clearance Facilities at Ashford, Kent. Initially you are likely to have to visit the Waterbrook Site which has circa 650 spaces and once operational the Sevington Site which will hold circa 1700 spaces.
To enable processing your driver will have to have the relevant approval to be in Kent and will have the LRN (Local reference number) for the T-form/s that are required to be released to transit.  
HMRC advise the likely delay at these inland sites will be 1-2 Hours so please ensure your drivers are aware that the flow of goods will not be as today and the delays are a result of the UK leaving The Customs Union and The Single Market. In our opinion delays are likely to exceed the 1-2 Hours that Customs anticipate.
Please see below links to Attending an Inland Border Facility and the site details for the Ashford Waterbrook and Sevington locations.
Customs are not permitting Customs intermediaries onto these sites so any interaction with you and your drivers will be done remotely.
We must request that from an Export perspective your use these new sites from the 1st January 2021 as Dover Western Docks and Stop24 do not have the capacity to deal with the extra demand leaving the EU brings.
As you will see from the guidance Dover Western Docks and Stop24 are perceived from an inbound only perspective.