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P&O Ferries Cross Channel service New Hazardous Surcharges

We have received notification from P&O Ferries that with effect from 1st October 2017 they will introduce a new Hazardous Goods surcharge. The reason given for this is that they have seen a significant increase in the amount of hazardous goods presented for shipment.
The effect of this has been the increase in the amount of time it takes to process these vehicles at the check in booths with the additional work and subsequent knock on effect causing delays to other vehicles.
Therefore, from 1st October 2017 our agreed rates to you for any Hazardous goods will have a surcharge increase as follows:
All IMO-classified hazardous materials       -        £   8.00 / € 10.00 per vehicle
IMO Class 7 Hazardous materials               -        £ 75.00 per vehicle (Unchanged)