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New Belgium Toll Charges


The Belgium Toll charges increased as of 1st July 2017 on the Flanders & Brussels toll areas, with the Wallonia toll area remaining the same as before, but adding an additional 33 Kms of toll road. It is envisaged that there will be an annual review of the Toll Index.
All OBU’s will need to be updated with the new software, this means that you must ensure your OBU is switched on and so that the update can be received. The latest version is 5.17 / 5.18 which can be found by navigating through the OBU main menu. Any older versions will mean your OBU will fail to work and the inevitable fines of €1000.00 per every 3 hours you transit through Belgium will be levied against you.
The following table shows the new toll index for the next 12 months.