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French Macron Law

If you are travelling to or from France this will affect you.

With effect from 1st July 2016 the French authorities have introduced new regulations for all foreign-based drivers undertaking transport operations to or from France, including cabotage.

The law states that the driver must receive no less than the French minimum wage of €9.67 per hour.

The driver must carry a certificate in French, issued by a designated representative in France providing details of the Employer, employee and the named representative, as well as a copy of their contract of employment.

Failure to comply will result in large penalties of up to €2,000 per employee, and up to €4,000 per year for a repeat offence. The total penalty that can be incurred is €500,000

Harbour Shipping is able to assist you in ensuring your company has the required designated representation and that your drivers have the correct documentation when transporting in France.

For more information on registration please contact Alan Boxall on 01304 200909