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Ferry & Train Services


Harbour Shipping is able to offer freight bookings on all major and many minor ferry/train services across Europe, offering the most extensive cover of any European agency to a wide range of companies operating vehicles internationally. From the Baltic Sea in the North to the Mediterranean Sea in the South; from the Black Sea in the East to the Irish Sea in the West and all points in between.

In addition to the Eurotunnel freight service between Folkestone and Calais, Harbour Shipping is also able to provide booking facilities on the “rolling highway” transmodal freight train service between Freiburg in Southern Germany and  Novara in Northern Italy.

Our experienced staff can assist you in deciding the route you require, providing all the necessary service information including departure and destination points; sailing frequencies and departure times; the crossing times and the cost. Once you have made your choice they will make the booking on your behalf and provide the required confirmation both verbally and in writing.

Whatever your preferred booking method, you can speak with a dedicated account manager, book through a vehicle registration auto list identification system or use our industry leading online booking portal.

Whether you are crossing the English Channel regularly, the Mediterranean Sea occasionally or the Baltic Sea rarely, we can assist you. Wherever you require to go, make Harbour Shipping your first port of call.