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Tribox Air

Harbour Shipping Ltd are now supplying their new toll recording system called the “Tribox Air” which is an upgrade on the current “Bi-Modal Tag” and “Belgian HGV Transit Toll OBU” systems for vehicles that exceed 3.50 Tonnes or exceed 3.00 Metres in height.
The “Tribox Air” covers France, Spain, Portugal, the Belgian HGV transit tolls and the Liefkenshoek Tunnel in Belgium, as well as Bridges and secure parking areas within France & Spain. Austria will be incorporated onto the “Tribox Air” early in 2019 with Germany expected to be added during the 2nd half of 2019.
You will be provided, on a monthly basis, with a precise logistical report for each facility, detailing times, dates and full journey information. Our system allows you up to sixty days credit on your toll usage.

With Fuel cards no longer accepted in France & Spain and rather than using Debit / Credit cards or running money through the manual booths which will cause delay adding to your time and to your running costs. The “Tribox Air” is the best alternative, enabling you to use the automated booths, making significant savings on your time and running costs.