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Motorway tolls (Spain)

The bi-Modal tag that is displayed in your windscreen for payment of motorway tolls in Spain can be provided by Harbour Shipping and covers the entirety of the Spanish motorway network and a variety of secure freight parking areas located around Spain.

In order to make the administration of this service as simple as possible for you, we are able to provide you with a report, which accompanies your monthly invoice, detailing where your vehicle joined the motorway; where the vehicle left the motorway; how far it travelled and the cost of that journey. This details are provided in chronological order to give you a full report on the vehicle’s usage in that month.

In addition to this, you are able to enjoy up to sixty days credit on your motorway usage which means that you can save both time and money against other forms of payment.

As we are registered in Spain for IVA, you will be able to use our invoice to reclaim that element of the charge.