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Motorway tolls (France)

Harbour Shipping offer the bi-Modal tag that is displayed in your vehicle windscreen and covers the entire French motorway network for class 3 and 4 vehicles*, the tag also includes a selection of bridges and some secure freight parking areas.

For class 1 and 2 vehicles* we supply the Liber-T badge that covers the entire French motorway network and a selection of bridges, but cannot be used for the parking areas.

You will be provided, on a monthly basis, with a precise logistical report for each facility, detailing times, dates and full journey information. Our system allows you up to sixty days credit on your toll usage.

Why waste time issuing cash to your drivers or endeavouring to interpret a fuel card invoice when all your toll usage can be obtained from one single Harbour Shipping report?

Harbour Shipping are registered for TVA in France which allows our invoices to be used for your French TVA reclaim.

  • Class 1 vehicles 2 axle vehicles with overall height  under 2 MtrsWith a GVW not exceed 3.50 Tonnes
  • Class 2 vehicles 2 axle vehicle with overall height from 2 to 3 Mtrs  With a GVW not exceeding 3.5 tonnes
  • Class 3 vehicles 2 axle vehicles that exceed 3 Mtrs in height &Or with a GVW that exceeds 3.50 Tonnes.
  • Class 4 vehicles Vehicles with more than 2 axles that exceed 3 MtrsIn height or with a GVW that exceeds 3.50 Tonnes