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Frejus and Mont Blanc Alpine Tunnels

The Mont Blanc and Frejus Alpine Tunnels are the quickest and most convenient way to enter Italy from France.
By using our system you can go through either tunnel and only pay half a roundtrip price for one way instead of the full one way rate, giving you a saving of approx. 30%
We will provide your company each month with a precise logistical report for each facility, detailing times, dates and full journey information. Our system allows you up to 60 days credit on your toll usage.

  • Harbour Shipping Ltd are registered for TVA in France, therefore our invoices can be used for your French TVA reclaim.
  • We provide Magnetic cards for crossing the Mont Blanc and Frejus Alpine tunnels.
  • Available to class 3 and 4 vehicles
  • We supply individual trip tickets for the Frejus Alpine Tunnel
  • We can book your crossing through either tunnel on our account
  • Mont Blanc Tunnel will not accept any vehicle whose engine is Euro Class 2 or lower
  • Mont Blanc will not accept any hazardous loads
  • Frejus Tunnel accepts all Euro class categories and will allow hazardous loads through but will be escorted through the tunnel at off-peak times.