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Belgium HGV Transit Toll

The Belgium Government has introduced their new HGV Transit Toll from 1st April 2016, this has replaced the current Eurovignette system. (The Eurovignette will still be in operation covering Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark & Sweden). The new HGV Transit toll is in place for all vehicles that exceed 3.5 tonnes.

Each vehicle will need to be fitted with an On Board Unit (OBU) that is specifically registered to that vehicle, there is no alternative way to pay for these tolls. If you do not have the OBU on board you will be stopped and will face heavy fines.

The only exemptions to this rule are:
Army vehicles, the fire brigade, civil protection (Police) and ambulances
Tractors solely used for agriculture, forestry, horticulture & aquaculture

Harbour Shipping Ltd as an official agent, will be able to provide the OBU’s to enable you to travel through Belgium.
Please contact us for further informations.

Samantha Barrie Tel: 01304 200 913